Rotary supports Osinga, Kenya water project which has been coordinated by Slinger/Allenton Rotary Club member Brydie Hill.
This June, 2014 a joint project involving the Rotary Clubs of District 5280 in Los Angeles, Suna-Migori Club in District 9212, Kenya and the Slinger Allenton Club, District 6270 in Wisconsin will be assisting the villages in and around Osingo Kenya clean drinking water and toilets. Osingo is in the south western part of Kenya, near Lake Victoria and the border to Tanzania.
The project will install ten 10,000 liter tanks, one electric well pump, five foot operated pumps and ten toilets along with roof gutters and piping etc. We will be teaching and promoting rain harvesting and composting of waste. The water collected will be helping more than 2000 children.
The five institutions covered by the project are:
Osingo Secondary school
Kokach Primary School
Adugo Primary School
Osingo Primary School
Ayego Dispensary